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I had just restored from a backed up system image of Bootcamp. Previously, my bootcamp partition size was about 120+gig and my osx had everything else of 750g. Before I did a system restore, I removed Windows 7 using bootcamp assistant and then created a new one with 450g for bootcamp and 250+g for osx. I installed windows 7 like how I did before and did a system image restore when it was done. Now on the system recovery screen it asked to exclude disk for partition and I tried to exclude my single drive but I got an error saying I can't exclude the disk that backup was going to use so I just continued without excluding it.


I got to restore without any problems but when I opened "My Computer" I saw that the disk size was from my old bootcamp. When I checked OSX it was showing that the partition of 450g and 250g were intact except that the bootcamp drive is now "Untitled" rather than it saying Bootcamp.


Here's the link to the screenshots:


OSX .jpg


Windows: n.jpg




When I was browsing from OSX to my bootcamp drive, I found out that the files on the drive were from the fresh install. There was no hint that I had restored my old system.


Logging in my Windows to post the screenshot of Disk Management.

MacBook Pro
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    The My computer screen is also showing it differently. It got the supposed NEW size of my OSX driver but the bootcamp one is still showing 110+g which was from the image. pg

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    Restoring a Windows System Image appears to really resize the partitions according to the image data. Seen a lot of questions regarding the issue but all just for Windows where the "lost" partition just becomes Unallocated. I have yet to find a solution that will keep both my osx and windows intact.


    If I were to redo everything without erasing my OSX how to do I restore bootcamp image without again affecting my OSX partition or atleast maintain the planned partition from the bootcamp assistant?

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    Might want to check out CampTune or Winclone support for possible help.



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    I'd like to hope that purchasing is my last resort since both OS are still bootable. I'm hoping to find a solution where I just edit or run some commands

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    No purchase? OK


    backup your OSX partition and your windows partition, erase the drive, partition and format the drive for OSX (1 partition) restore OSX and make a new bootcamp partition, restore the windows partition.

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    I'm not sure how different that is going to be when I restore my windows system image since restoring from my saved image (previously partitioned differently) got me to where I am.


    I needed to resize my partition thats why I did system restore but before that in OSx, using bootcamp assistant, I allocated more space installed windows 7 and then did a system restore.

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    Buy CampTune.

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    Don't I need OSX to understand that the current partition it is seeing in Disk Utility is the incorrect one (fresh install)? If I use camptune/winclone, which seems like the best solutions to start if hadn't done any system restore or repartitioning yet, it might repartition and restore the fresh install or probably break things more.

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    Camptune is to resize the partition, Winclone is to back it up before you do, Disk Utility can backup the OSX partition for you .....


    If you really want free I will bow out now, I don't know a reliable free method except the one I posted.

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    It more like I don't know the process to resolve it. I have a back up of osx and windows image, Winclone only allows its own backup unless theres a way to include my winows image on their options. Once that's resolve I can probably buy camptune or just use Winclones method.


    I had already bought winclone and I have already sent them an email regarding the issue of my windows image.


    The different partitions on both OS is really boggling me though, and what makes it even more complicated is that the "Untitled" partition in Mountain Lion shows the contents of a fresh install not currently bootable and working windows.

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    I'm not trying to figure out what, why or how this happened, simply offering advice on restoration. Backups, current tested Backups are the key (although you may well have to reinstall Windows, image or not)

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    I'm just waiting on how I can use my Windows Image to put everything inorder even OSX restorating from time machine is an option.

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    I already gave you my suggested method. Do not bank on being able to restore the Win image, get the data while you can.

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    Just curious is it possible to complete delete OSX, repartition in Windows and install OSX back, and still get Bootcamp to work? Or will the bootcamp functions like the apple drivers (dim brightness/volume, etc) work if there was no OSX installed? I currently don't really need the OSX on this computer and I already have this on my laptop.

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