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I just brought home a lovely new MBP - with Data Doubler and SSD.  I've plugged in my TM and shortly after it started doing its magic, I got the message that there wasn't enough space on my hard drive.  Can this be? 

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    Well, if you tried to restore 200 GBs of data to a 120 GB SSD, then, yep, you can run out of space.

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    OK, I'll be more specific.  I have 739 GB between the SSD and the MacStorage drives. My TM has 539 GB on it, almost 100% of which is backups. I thought (maybe that's my first mistake) that I could use TM to migrate my apps and files to the new MBP.  Is this not the case?

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    As I said, if you are migrating 539 GBs of data to an SSD with only 120 GBs of space, then you can see it won't fit. Migration Assistant will only migrate to the startup volume. If there's no OS on the HDD, then TM is going to restore everything to the startup drive which is the SSD. The two drives are not "married" to each other as a single drive. They are simple to separate drives.


    If you desire to restore all of that data, then you need to put it on the HDD. And, since you haven't said what the drive capacities are, I don't know if you can fit it all on the HDD. Nor do I know how you want everything set up on the two drives.

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    Thank you.  Let me ask this, if you don't mind.  My TM says that I have 99 GB free out of 639, but according to the color code, nearly all of that is in backups, not music, photos, apps or other. When I left the store today, my understanding was that my apps and files would transfer when I used MA and attached my TM.  IF I had the right amount of HDD, would that be the case? Or did I not have TM set up correctly?

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    I really don't know for sure because in your original post it sounds like you tried to migrate your TM backup entirely to the SSD which is not large enough (although you still haven't told me the sizes of both drives.)


    I don't know what you mean by "color code."


    What I know is that you have 539 GBs of data on a TM backup drive. You have a MacBook Pro (because that's the forum in which you posted.) Your MBP is "new" and has an OWC DataDoubler. So, you have one HDD and one SSD installed. Each is of unknown capacity. I know you did not get this from an Apple retailer because they don't sell and install OWC products. However, you did say that the total storage space you have is 739 GBs made up of the SSD and HDD together. This might be a 120 and 640 GB SSD and HDD, respectivly. Or it could be a 240 GB and 500 GB SSD and HDD, respectively. Your TM backup would fit entirely on a 640 GB drive. But it would not fit on a 500 GB drive. It also won't fit on either SSD.


    I don't know how you want these two drives configured. For example, do you want the SSD to be used as the startup volume and the HDD used for all other storage needs such as your Home folder?

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    OK - in "About this Mac," Mac SSD says 207 GB free out of 239 GB; MacStorage has 499 free out of 499.  It lists both of those in addition to My Passport which is where my TM resides.  Beneath each of those, in addition to the X GB free out of X ..., there is a horizontal bar  that is color coded by audio, movies, photos, apps, backups and other. That's what I was referencing.


    According to my receipt (from MacExperience), I purchased (MBP 15.4/2.3/2X2GB/500/SD/GLSY.  Then:

    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM

    Data Doubler + 240 B OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD Drive Bundle


    My understanding was that I should use the drive labeled MacStorage for the migration.  Clearly, now, I see that that isn't going to work. I'm still confused about why my TM HD says that all of the space is filled with backups - I thought it was going to migrate my apps as well as the files.  SO - could/should I move apps to the SSD and files to MacStorage?


    I really do appreciate your help - realize I'm struggling here.  Also - calling it a night as I have a very early wakeup tomorrow.  Thank you - I will check back tomorrow afternoon. 

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    OK. Yes, you should migrate to the HDD, but in order to use Migration Assistant you first need to install OS X on the drive. Based on what you said you have OS X on the SSD. So what you need to do is put OS X onto the HDD. Here's how you do that:


    Clone Lion using Restore Option of Disk Utility


    Boot to the Recovery HD:


    Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the COMMAND and R keys until the menu screen appears. Alternatively, restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the OPTION key until the boot manager screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the downward pointing arrow button.


         1. Select Disk Utility from the main menu then press the Continue


         2. Select the destination volume from the left side list.

         3. Click on the Restore tab in the DU main window.

         4. Check the box labeled Erase destination.

         5. Select the destination volume from the left side list and drag it

             to the Destination entry field.

         6. Select the source volume from the left side list and drag it to

             the Source entry field.

         7. Double-check you got it right, then click on the Restore button.



    Destination means the MacStorage drive. Source means the internal Mac SSD drive.


    When you are done you will have a bootable system on the HDD. You now want to boot from the HDD by doing this:


    Boot Using OPTION key:


      1. Restart the computer.

      2. Immediately after the chime press and hold down the "OPTION" key.

      3. Release the key when the boot manager appears.

      4. Select the disk icon for your MacStorage drive.

      5. Click on the arrow button below the icon.


    Once this is accomplished you can now use Migration Assistant to restore your Home folder, Applications and support files, and system preferences to MacStorage.


    See you later this afternoon.