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I just realized that years worth of important emails seem to be missing from my Mac Mail account on my laptop, on my iphone and in the cloud online.

These are really important emails... receipts, important account and computer info.

I think only 2 folders were affected, but they're REALLY important.


The contents of said folders only go back to mid-October of this year.

Does anyone know if this was a common occurrence in mid-October? Anyone know what I can do to get those emails back?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


- using osx 10.7.5

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    Just one thought.  Did you possibly get a new computer, phone, or tablet around the end of the time period that is missing?  If so, is it possible that the email application on that device was configured to POP retrieve the email from that account?  If so, your missing emails may be in the local email store on only that device (because by default POP email retrieves email from the server and then deletes it off the server).


    Good luck.

  • designcleveland Level 1 Level 1

    No. I think I updated the os on my iPhone a few weeks before the date that starts the missing emails, but no new product joining the team.