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After using for a couple of day the new iTunes 11 I find it quite nice; it performs better than previous version, it is elegant and eficient. Especialy, I like the mini player upgrade. However there are some features that I miss and I think sould not be eradicated. First in the book sections gruping by genres is no longer available and secondly in the list category (music, video, TV series, etc.) no ilustration view is posible and that is helpfull to identify quicky an item. Finaly I do miss the full screen carusel view, especialy when using my iTunes to live out a gathering, reunión or party, the fact to being able to have the album cover in full screen while listening to a tune was a very appealing. So, what do you think about the redisign iTunes 11?

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    I hate the missing book genres as well. I think this is a big step backward, especially with the gaining popularity of audio books.  I see commercials for audible.com daily on television and even a podcast I listen to weekly is sponsored by Audible.com. A large part of my iTunes library consisted of audio books and now it makes it much more difficult to find something I'm in the mood to listen to. I was hoping they would have expanded on the genres tab with an update, not taking the feature away.  I had sent feedback previously wishing for a way to add even more genre artwork ourselves.  For example, iTunes as it was would have lumped a good portion of my library under the generic "Science Fiction & Fantasy" section. In that one heading alone I had books broken into categories such as Epic Fantasy, Techno-Thriller, Cyberpunk etc. subgenres.  Not to mention all the other types of books such as thriller, mystery, etc. Now I have NO way to sort them at all in any practical fashion by genre. Now I'll have to find an alternative program to use since audiobooks were what I used iTunes for the most.  Or roll back to a previous version that did what I needed it to do.

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    Twystofateagree compleatly, let's hope Apple is listening and soon enought they bring back this feature and enhanced it with more genres artwork and categories. I been using iTunes for a decade and so far I'm still please with it, no matter what OS I work in, off course there are features I have been waiting for (multiuser feature beyond share library, especialy nowdays when iTunes is a family active) and yet to have but nevertheless I still loyal to it.

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    I totally miss pdf genres as well. I had hundreds of pdf and journals arranged withe genres, now I its impossible to locate the one I need. Using the search box doesn't help. I am looking for an app to re arrange my pdfs again, but I hate doing so, as I prefer having one app for everything.