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Can I connect my macbook pro to a tv?  It does not have an HDMI port.

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    Yes, it's very common to connect Macs to TVs and projectors. You only need the right cable. The cable should have HDMI on the TV end, and whatever is on your Mac on the other end. If you have a current MacBook Pro it should be Mini DisplayPort (for monitors, this is the same as a Thunderbolt port), if you have a very old MacBook Pro it would be DVI.


    You can get the cable at Apple, Amazon, Monoprice, etc.

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    I would check out Monoprice. I bought this cable for my late 2011 MBP - it attaches to a Thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort and then out to HDMI. It's just a small adapter - under $7 - and worked quite well for me. You'll have to get a HDMI cable of your desired length to work with it. I also suggest using Monoprice for HDMI cables - they've excellent quality and low prices.