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  • Randall Smock Level 2 Level 2

    No cover flow, no 'show duplicates' and thats in the first 3 minutes of use, clearly the kool-aid at 1 Infinite has gotten better, if you watch the 'intro' video at least they warn you, the qoute is 'simplest itunes version yet'  no sh*t.


    It's these little moves that make me wonder if my days of liking Apple products are finally at an end.

  • Patrick Weisser Level 1 Level 1

    Wow I cant believe Apple is deleting large 20-page topics which criticise iTunes 11 (as Mr. Eeee pointed out).


    Censorship is always the first line of defense for governments who feel they are losing control of bad situations of their own making. I suppose corporations are no different, though in my heart I always believed Apple was and that they valued the opinions of their users.  Even with the best of intentions and talented people at the helm, corporations can still make mistakes.  Dealing with success is easy, but a true test of character is how you deal with failure.  Hopefully Apple will acknowledge the mistakes made in iTunes 11, and make it right.


    For me personally, Coverflow was iTunes.  It's what set it apart from other music players.  It looked cool and classy in true Apple spirit.  Now iTunes is flat and boring, and I'm going back to 10.7 until Apple passes the test of character and does the right thing by us. 

  • hairyleprechaun Level 1 Level 1

    Maps debacle in iOS6, no Cover Flow in iTunes 11.  What is going on at Apple?


    I agree with the above, Cover Flow, though perhaps not a killer feature functionality-wise, was a delicious piece of eye candy that always drew me back to iTunes.  Without Cover Flow iTunes 11 feels flat and boring.  Period.

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