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iTunes has always been in the hands of the pop/rock rubbish brigade but it offered enough flexibility to meet the needs of music lovers. This latest version has destroyed all that! A minor but thoroughly irritating example; it displays a date which I can find no way to remove, not a useful date such as the date of composition, or the date the recording was made, oh no - the date the disc was made, a totally useless piece of information!

Someone should explain to Apple that Beethoven's 5th Symphony is not mad up of four songs!

Can anyone suggest an alternative music library program to replace iTunes?

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    Sadly, there is not an alternative. I looked and looked. I found nothing. I agree. The sad part is, there is no way to downgrade to iTunes 10. Lol.! It's starting to seem like they aren't listening anymore. I know people like the new iTunes but I am NOT one of them. They should add some of the stuff from previous iTunes to the next verison. I really hope they listen. Apple won't ever be the same. R.I.P Steve Jobs

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    Apple wants you to think that there is no way to go back to iTunes 10.7 . Repair shops can do it. they'll temporarily off-load your music library onto an external hard drive. Then they'll delete iTunes 11, and install iTunes 10.7 onto your computer. They will then re-load your songs onto iTunes 10.7


    I'm taking my computer to a repair shop on Friday to get rid of iTunes 11. iTunes 11 is a useless lemon. Not everything that Apple creates is a work of genius. Apple (without Steve Jobs) may yet falter.


    Apple has underestimated the depth of consumer dissatisfaction with this radical reinvention of iTunes. It's time for Apple to be conciliatory and address consumer unhappiness, and let us have a recognizable, understandable, traditional version of iTunes, without people having to take their computer to a repair shop and pay hundreds of dollar to be freed from the chaos of iTunes 11.


    I've spent the last 5 years becoming a very proficient operator of iTunes, and Apple's arrogant re-invention of iTunes is an attempt to take that proficiency away from me. iTunes 11 can't do some of the things that i could easily do with all previous versions of iTunes, or can't reliably do them.

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    Oh no don't do that.! Wait. I know how to get it back for free.



    Follow the directions and it works.! I hope I am not to late.! And yes I agree with you a 100%. I hope Apple does listen to us. We need a CEO just like Steve Jobs.!

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    Thank you Dinosaur56, I also agree that Apple is not the same and as a Apple product user for over 20 years I belive that the "Think Different" mentality Jobs brought in is now six feet under.


    I just hope that you are wrong in one thing and that is that they don't listen anymore. I belive that they'll fix this issue with their next update but then again I also belived that I had won the 500 million Powerball last week..lmao.

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    It is sad, each recent new update is a step back that irritates me a lot. It appears that Apple has too many programmers that have nothing else to do but to update perfectly good software. Just for the sake of updating, to keep themselves busy and keep their job.  And in the process they destroy good things that did not need to be fixed. Apple, stop fiddling with what works, leave it alone! There is no meaningful new functionallity in iTunes 11, just a new skin and looks, and all controls have been messed up. Why should we scramble after each "update" to find where did the familiar buttons go? Sorry for offering no solution, I just needed to vent. 

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    I totally agree. I was promoting the use of iTunes for many dance teachers but Apple has totally unnecessarily messed up a perfectly flexible and well designed piece of software.


    A workaround for a bug in 11 (when adding to playlists) that doesn't allow using other playlists as a source (which we use heavily) was now even surpressed in 11.0.2 as if that workaround needed fixing.


    iTunes 11 is absolute rubbish compared to 10. What a nightmare.


    You'd think they would have learnt from their Maps App disaster and quickly take measures to repair the damage... but as someone suggested here: it seems the need for this change originated from people with nothing to do in stead of true requirements.


    I can not say just how big this nightmare is... years of work may have gone down the drain now iTunes has been rendered so utterly crap.


    I have sent a couple of pleas through the feedback option in iTunes but bug reports and suggestions in the past have never seen the light of day so I am afraid Apple is not really much different than other companies as I'd hoped they'd be.


    Very very VERY disappointing. But who am I telling this to. Other sufferers. Sorry.