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SO... This is a Repost of a Different thread that I started at 12:39pm Seattle, Wa time... ( Below is My straight to the point responce to the new iTunes 11 Release, It seemed to unstable to me. (Before downgrading please check out this users posts: ( Just to make sure that downgrading is the correct choice. Alot of the information there was not available when I started having problems...





How I successfully ended up going back to 10.7 (following is the process I used to do it, as well as the references I used) 


WARNING: By attempting to follow the procedures that I used... you acknowledge that if there are any purchases lost during the downgrade you take sole responsibility... I took the risk because I have my music on CD's, I regularly backup my apps to CD... and if I lose anything I will replace it myself (even if I have to repurchase it)


-It took a while, but it worked out...


1. I downloaded the iTunes 10.7 installer (iTunes 64bit:

     [ iTunes 10.7 32bit: ( ]


2. I uninstalled iTunes 11 and restarted my computer.


3. I installed iTunes 10.7 (when installed I was unable to run because the "iTunes Library.itl" file in my computer was from the iTunes 11 program)   I did a file search for "iTunes Library.itl" and opened the file location (my file was located in: C:/Users/Spencer/Music/iTunes)

-[Note: Community thread that gave me the info I needed to resolve the "iTunes Library.itl" error:]


4. I "right clicked" on the folder Named "Previous iTunes Libraries" and opened in new window.


5. I located the most current file (prior to the 11 upgrade) and drag and dropped it into the location of the "current" .itl file renamed it to "iTunes Library.itl" and replaced the one that iTunes 11 created. (if you DO NOT delete/replace the .itl file that 11 created with a 10.7 version, iTunes will not open. IF done RIGHT your iTunes should open and you'll immediately see your playlists where they belong)


-If done right, it should be sucessfully rolled back to before the upgrade.







iTunes 10.7 64bit: (

iTunes 10.7 32bit: (



and a thread on this community about the "iTunes Library.itl" error (

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