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I have a iPhone which is containing a bulk data in Notes and Contacts App. I want all these notes and contacts to be available on my iPad which I recently purchased. How can I transfer or copy and paste these bulk data on my Pad.


How do I do that?

iPad, iOS 6.0.1
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    No one replied.... !


    Is that means synching contacts & notes from phone to pad is not possible ? Manually re-entering a bulk data is really very difficult.


    Don't understand why there is so much restrictions .

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    iCloud or do you use any services like Google, Yahoo, ... for your Contacts ...

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    Here's how to setup iCloud. http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/

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    I don't use any such services like google or yahoo for my contacts.


    Copy contacts into SIM and then transfer those contacts to Pad is one way but unfortunately there is no such app in apple store to do so.


    Lot of restrictions, really.......

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    Once setup iCloud syncing is dead simple. Get a new device all you have to do is log into to iCloud and it's done. If you don't wish to use the online services then read through http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1296.

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    Please Tell how to transfer notes and contacts From one iOS device to another though a compuetr as a gateway.

    Condition is as follows.


    iTunes is installed in a computer

    Lotus Nots is configured in this computer (MS Outlook is not there)

    Not using iCloud because Internet speed is very bad


    With this above conditions, how to transfer. Is there any options iTunes.



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    You have already been given the best options in the links already given. You can not regularly sync data between the devices with Lotus or iTunes alone. As outlined in the support documents Notes requires iCloud, Macs or a PC running Outlook for syncing Notes. Contacts can be done with Windows XP's Address Book, Contacts in Win7/Vista or OutLook.


    Alternatively your only other option is to sync your iPhone with iTunes and let it create a Backup. Once the back up is done connect the iPad then select it in iTunes. From the iPads Summary Pane select Restore and when prompted select the iPhone's backup. This is will change all the iPad's data, settings and sync settings to be the same as the iPhone's. Any data saved to the iPad will be lost. This is a one time transfer and not a good method to keep the 2 devices in sync.