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been waiting for percil from e bay USA but got this fedex e mail  opened OMG forcing me to shut down re star . I ran mac leaner and Keaspersy AV


still came back emptied all mail and deleted mail . done back up .


came back took photo of screen as well as screen shot of this.


Done another clean my mac and now running Ant virus again . this did not pick this trogen up.  All sords of windows come open with errors. Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 20.15.14.png  is my mac clean or is the a fix for this ???

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1, Lion 8 gb ram Custom HD screen. 750
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    With some  stratagy and speed I think I got rid of it, With turning of the net, As soon as I re booted,


    Delete any of the e mails in bin and spam and down loads in down load will show as Will show as windows file,  run mac cleaner again and again and keep running it as you work. Anti virus did not pick it up But First to a save  any work and run time machine.


    Go to spot lite search for UPS or FEDEX  or tracking, Delete and run cleaner again.


    Then once stable go to tools utilities disc utility and do repair. permissions and you may have to do reapair in other aplications too like apperture.

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    Oh please. It's an obvious fake. Look at the email address, "@newyork.com," and the Bcc addresses.


    Grammar error: To receive a parcel, go to the nearest our office and show this postal receipt.


    All signs of a fake.

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    Every one keep on about Gramore here Grammar Its a blunder but think of us who have dyslexia . Its a tough life not reding well and having a bad time expressing and spelling , yet like many we possess other amazing skills.


    But yes, if I was not so eager to get my over due parcil from the ebay USA after two month waiting , Was a bit stupid openning it up .

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    All current FedEx e-mail scams involve Windows malware, and cannot affect your Mac. I'm not sure how it forced you to restart, but that was not related to any kind of malware infection. Just delete the e-mail message and you should be fine.


    Note that using software like MacCleaner is an extremely bad idea. Macs do not need cleaning. See The myth of the dirty Mac. Also, Kaspersky is not very good on the Mac. Some recent testing I did shows that it does quite poorly at recognizing Mac malware. See Mac anti-virus detection rates. Both of those programs should be uninstalled.


    Finally, in the future, pay very close attention to the details in e-mail messages like this one. Any official communication from a company like FedEx should come from an e-mail address ending in "fedex.com" and the name that preceeds the address definitely shouldn't say "UPS logistics!" Even then, though, it's possible to forge the e-mail address on the To: line of an e-mail message, so you should exercise caution opening any attachments. Legitimate e-mail messages of this sort should not contain any attachments that you are asked to open.

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    Just because it looks official doesn't mean it is. It's no effort at all to copy a company's logo from their site and build a convincing looking email.


    I got one supposedly from Inuit (QuickBooks, Quicken, etc.) that at first glance looked fairly genuine. The big giveaway though was about 6 links on a single email all saying you need to click here. The text said one went to their site, another to customer service and various other links.


    Here's one trick to figuring these out. I right clicked on each link and chose "Copy Link". I then pasted the result into a TextEdit document. Every single one went to the same place. Something obviously out of the country like:




    The above is something I randomly typed, so it won't go anywhere, but you get the idea. The repeated link very clearly had nothing to do with Intuit.

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    IMGL0106 (1).jpg

    Thanks for that,  yes i did wonder But this is what happen , the screen went grey with this m nothing would work . I had to emergancy shut down, When re booting and signing in, several programs would open up. as soon as you shut them down, they open up with send error report. Deleteing the e mail was not enough, systm crashed 4 times, All ok now I hope.

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    Justt like to ad i got Bell'palsy too so reading with one eye , and that one not that good lol

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    That is a kernel panic, and those are caused by hardware issues, bad third-party kernel extensions or a badly corrupt system. Note that I believe Kaspersky installs a kernel extension, so that's the first thing I would consider as being responsible. If you can post the latest kernel panic log, though, we can give you more information.

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    umn been in the and had a look in the log file no such Kernal panic log .  I would up load the screen shut , but its not working . Its got adobe , crash report DiagnosticRe ports the disc utillity report and a few others


    Not whatslited in the link how how to locate.