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I built a nice table within a slide.  Now I'd like to make other slides with exactly the same table format. For example: these new slides with a table should use the same table columns width scheme, the same backgrounds scheme, and so on. I'd like to do it for a large scale work (~ 30 slides).  What is the right way to either make a table format style or to make a master slide with a predefined table format?  I read the help entry "Defining Default Attributes of Tables" which is doing a nice tiny part of the job.

MacOS X 10.4.11 ⟶ 10.7
  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,270 points)

    You need to read the chapter; designing master slides and themes in the Keynote manual


    There are too many principles you need to know about to condence this chapter into a sentence or two.

    Reading that will get you going and if there are individual issues that you need help with post back.

  • daniel Azuelos Level 2 (335 points)

    Hello Gary,

    You need to read the chapter; designing master slides and themes in the Keynote manual

    I read it but didn't find a way to make table styles. Most notably I read "Defining Default Attributes of Tables"


    Let me give a more practical work target:

    1. I built a table of 4 columns: 3cm, 19cm, 3cm, 4cm, one header line, 8 body lines,
      header line 3 cm height, body lines 2.4 cm height ;
    2. I selected Format > Advanced > Define Table for All Masters ;
    3. I create a new slide "+", and I insert a new table.

    This table has the correct number of columns add rows, but is simply not the table format I want.

    It is simply 10 minutes of useless work away

    of the original table I wanted to use repeatdly.


    I found a workaround with copy and paste of a table I made on purpose within a "model slide",  but this is still too much time wasted. This "model slide" has to be within the real ones and not within the "master slides". I have to be careful to remove this model slide just before using my


    And moreover, for me, I shouldn't have to add an empty slide to work with formatting styles.

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,270 points)

    creating a master slide with tables text and graphics works perfectly for me so what you want can be done.

    Once a custom theme is created,  I can quickly and easily create a new project exactly based on the master layout design.


    Your work around of copying and pasting is illiminated by creating a master slide and a new theme.


    When you say you made a table with columns with centimeters, Keynote does not use physical measure such as cm or inches it only uses pixels.


    I think you are confused somewhere but I dont know where.

  • daniel Azuelos Level 2 (335 points)

    Here is a more graphical explanation of what I'm doing along the lines of the documentation.

    1. I create an empty page where I define the model of table I'd like to use
      on a repeated basis.
    2. I define this table as to be used in all masters.
    3. I create an empty page and here I create a new table.

    And this is not the table I previously defined.

    The rows and columns numbers are all right,
    but I have to redefine all the columns and rows height and width by hand.


    Am I doing something wrong?

    Am I putting too much expectation on a piece of software?