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Hi Gang


You'd think I should know all this by now. Working with 10.4.11, on several occasions, have altered permission settings.


No one here but me. After a new format, have tried to change all settings to write & read for everyone: Read & Write - Access, Owner: myself, Access: Read & Write, Group: Myself, Access: Read & Write, Others: Read & Write. When I try to apply these settings to all, sometimes I get error messages -error 36? And it appears other problems developed when trying to secure empty trash;"The operation cannot be completed because the file is locked."


Have approached the problem with different strategy:

Another new format, always erase disk, Mac OS X Journaled, then I just install the OS, and leave the Ownership & Permissions alone. Don't mess with it. It seems to help. Obviously, I don't completely understand the ramifications involved when screwing with these settings.




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I can't explain it, nor can I imagine checking that option would/could cause any problems.

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