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My setup:  iTunes 11 on Windows 7 PC, Home Sharing enabled, Apple TV 2 with latest firmware, Remote app on iPad 3

Initially I couldn't get Home Sharing to work at all, then discovered it was an issue with my Verizon FIOS Actiontec M1424WR router.  Solved that problem by going into Advanced settings for the router and disabling the IGMP Proxy.

Now when I start the Remote app on my iPad I can get to my library, but I'm having problems with playlists and podcasts:

1.  The playlists won't play at all.  I can play individual podcasts but not playlists.  Anyone know how to get playlists working?

2.  Within playlists the podcast order is changed.  Anyone know how to get Home Sharing to stop changing the podcast order?

3.  Home Sharing is also changing the order of podcasts within the podcast itself - for example if I have NPR All Things Considered as a podcast, it changes the order of the individual stories.  This is very annoying - anyone know how to make it stop doing this?


Any help is appreciated.

iPad, iOS 6
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    OK still having the same problem but now I'm using a workaround.  From iTunes on my PC, I select Apple TV from the speaker list, (via the icon that has a triangle within a rectangle) then start the playlist from there.  The podcasts start playing and can then be controlled, e.g. paused, from the Remote app on my iPad.  Also on the iPad in the list view up at the top it shows the upcoming podcasts and they are in the right order.  It would be nice if Apple fixed this so that the podcast playlist could be started from the iPad instead of having to start it from the PC.