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First off i apoligize for the title length, a bit new to help forums and didnt realize thats what that was .




My iMac PowerPC has been having this issue for quite a few years, prompting me to flat out replace it. I recently had a friend come to need a computer, and told them they could have it once i got it working.


The unfortunate problem that i luckily discovered: my friend and i use the same brand / model of Router, the Belkin N+ (N plus incase it removes the plus sign like it did in the title).


Ive tried everything i know, which isnt much. I've verified the password is correct, ive restarted the computer, and ive restarted my modem and router. Nothing works.


I should mention also that the computer is out of date program wise (obviously) since i havent been able to connect with it in so long. I am still using Internet Connect, and the computer still gives me the option to try .Mac.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.3.x)