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I can't get a smart playlist to work on the new iTunes11.


I created one with the search criteria to show all files added after 11/20/2012. Although there are 231 files that fit that criteria, none are listed in the smart playlist.


So I created a smart playlist with the search criteria to show all files with the word "vinyl" in comments. [I record old vinyl albums onto my computer, so I add the "vinyl" comment so that I can isolate them.] This playlist resulted in zero items even though my old smart playlist -the one that was constructed in iTunes10 but transferred into iTunes11- does work. However, my iTunes10 vinyl smart playlist does not list any "vinyl" files added after upgrading to iTunes11.


So I created a smart playlist with the search criteria to show all files where the artist included the word "Smith". Considering that I have many Chris Smithers tracks and many tracks from the Smiths, I would expect those files to appear. And yet this smart playlist also resulted in zero items.


I am having zero luck using smart playlists with iTunes11.


Smart playlists are nothing new to me. I have successfully created dozens of them over the years. Has something changed that I am overlooking?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I'm having the exact same issue.  Looks like a typical first release Apple bug.

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    Now get this!


    It's now a few hours after I created those new smart playlists, the ones that produced no results.


    I look in them now and they are fully populated with all the files.   


    When I created smart playlists in iTunes10, those playlists were populated with results instantaneously. It appears that in iTunes11, smart playlists take much longer to pull the search results together.


    My iTunes library has 21,291 items. Not sure why iTunes10 had no problem with that but iTunes11 is much pokier at it.

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    I seem to have the same problem.


    If this is confirmed (or if this is just a plain bug, which would be no better) than this is a disaster.

    I use smart playlist for sorting albums. For example:

    - normal playlist for "must have"

    - normal playlist for "nice to have"

    - normal playlist for "can live without"


    -> and a smart playlist with "none of the above" (ie "not sorted")


    Then I just have to move albums from that smart playlist to any of the above and it is now sorted.


    Well today with iTunes 11, whatever I do with the album, it stays there.


    Pointless Apple, fix that bug!!!

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    Same problem, smart playlist that use "least recently played" will not update anymore.  For a while, I could uncheck the "live update" and recheck it, but even that doesn't work anymore.  What gives?

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    I must say that for me the problem seems to have fixed itself.

    After a few iTunes restarts and Mac reboots, it appears smart playlists are working again...

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    Well, I guess I'll  have to hope that works for me too, because Apple doesn't seem to be paying attention to this bug at all.  And it's making me very unhappy.