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    I read the posts. All of them, for months. I haven't seen any indication that apple acknowledged the problem or had a solution.


    I have been hesitating to update, because all my problems began when I updated the last time. I even lost my library, and had many other problems relating to the update. I also hesitated to update because I could get NO clear answers from Apple that an update would correct this problem. I could get NO help at all, except reading scads of community outrage and frustration, but NO response from iTunes people at all. So you see, I did not see the point of updating if it was just going to cause more trouble.


    That said, as a last resort, and literally the LAST time I would ever touch iTunes again if it didn't work, I did upgrade to the latest iTunes just now.


    Problem solved.


    For now.


    what a pain in the ***

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    You're right, Apple NEVER acknowledged the bug.   That it was solved isn't even in the release notes for the last update.


    I know they don't officially read this forum, but this sort of thing is not a good way to get Windows user to convert to Apple.   


    Then again, as both an Apple and Windows user, Aopple seldom admits that a release fixed a problem, probably becaue they don't admit a problem is real.


    It used to be Steve Jobs was blamed for the corporate culture of secrecy - it clearly wasn't just him.

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    So has anyone dared to download 11.04? I am wary to say the least....

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    I will NOT download 11.04 until I know what it is for.  From what I have been able to gather at "What's New"  the new release is mostly cosmetic and for all mobile devices.  Since none of this applies to my usage I will not download.

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    Do not be frightened to download the new update from iTunes, (i.e.  I DID download perhaps with some misgivings, on Thurs. 6th June 2013 and I then printed off a Jewel Case insert. I am pleased to say that it WORKED LIKE A DREAM. Just do it and then forget about the nightmare.

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    Thanks for the info.  Muchly appreciated!!  Can you tell what kind of changes were made?

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    I have checked up on the things I know and use and everything seems to be working satisfactorily. I would just go for it and I feel sure that it should be fine (I think). All the best.

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    Thank you McQuerty... you are a BRAVE soul.  I decided I wouldn't download the latest update(?) until I knew it was good.

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    To Oriolesfan4ever,       Why not give it a go and I am sure that it will work.  Good luck

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    I too can verify what McQuerty has stated - that there are no problems with the latest version. Based on his/her comment, I updated as well and the CD inserts printed fine!

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    Thanks. I gained the confidence I was looking for when I started this series of responses eight posts ago! I just didn't want to be the Guinea pig.

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    Looks like I have only half the fix with  I can print White Mosiac jewel case covers, but not regualr Mosaic covers.  Only the cover art song list.  Oh, well...I can live with that for now.

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    I declined the latest update because I'm so happy with the 11.0.3 version.  What a mess the 11.0.2 was.  I guess I'm a little bit scared to go through that again.  Are you still having trouble with printing different jewel case covers?  Not a good fix, that's for sure.  Other postings seem to have no trouble.  Sorry you're having difficulties.  Hope it get resolved for you soon.

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    The Windows platform print issues with iTunes has been ugly lately (not the Apple I used to know).  11.0.1 fixed the Windows print issues in 11.0.0.  11.0.3 fixed the Windows print issues in 11.0.2.  And now we have 11.0.4.

    Well, I tried it.  It printed the selected jewelcase insert OK.  I am running Win 7 Pro.  So as far as jewelcase printing on a win 7 platform is concerned, it seems to be OK.

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    Not so fast...I'm running Win 7 Home and still have a partial glitch with the jewel case print operation as I mentioned above.  If Win 7 Pro is ok, but Win 7 Home isn't, maybe the problem with the operation isn't so much with iTunes, but with Win 7 Home.  I may just have to live with a degraded capability until either MS or iTunes puts out another patch.  Have you exercised all the print options for jewel case inserts under Win 7 Pro with no problems? (Mosaic, White Mosaic, etc)