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    Uh, not so good. Ouch.

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    I am having the same problem, printing cd jewel playlist all printed on top of each other. I have been following these post to see if Apple has responded to enyone as I have tried to report this problem and had no reply. it appears they are not responding to any posts. I have the latest version 11.0.2

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        Sorry to hear that this printing problem has reared its ugly head again, luckily I did not realise that version  had been superseded so I have not downloaded the newer one.


    I will, of course myself, get onto Apple again; although they seem to have currently turned a deaf ear, and a blind eye to this annoying and very calamitous state of affairs.  

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    I received an update today from the Senior Advisor that is handling my case.  He advised that the engineers are aware of our problem and definitely are working on it.  He said that just as soon as he hears ANYTHING from them, he will advise me.  He also encouraged me and others that are experiencing this problem to write feedback regarding this issue on Apple's feedback website at .  Apparently they do monitor this website and do address the feedback that is left at that site. I encourage all of you to leave feedback there as I have done.  I can assure you, my feedback was not kind!!!


    The advisor said that the Apple employees who administer that website will forward the comments that are left there to the proper manager whose group is responsible to correct the problem.  He said that this site is also used to comment on anything that customers have to say with regard to current problems as well as to comment on opportunities for improvement and enhancements of Apple's product line.





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    Thanks keppel happy to see I am not on my own with this problem, I have again as Rick suggests left fedback on apple support form so am now waiting any results.

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    Add me to the list.  What a joke.  They're so concerned with making iTunes as fancy and elaborate as they can that the simplest things don't work anymore.  The new iTunes ***** from the top to the bottom.  Reminds me of something I heard once, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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    This has been a problem for a while and Apple sows no signs of fixing it. This is not good customer service

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    I have not burned a CD for a few weeks, and as a result, hadn't printed a CD insert.


    Yesterday I tried to print an insert and experienced exactly what everyone else has. I tried it on 2 printers with the same results.


    I contacted Apple feedback with the issue. I told them that I had found that while I got the jumbled song titles when printing a regular insert, when I tried a "draft" version, the song titles appeared on the document normally.



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    I used the windows 'Snipping Tool" to copy the track number, song and length of song (from print preview screen) 

    Pasted in Word.......then typed the artist and album at the top.   Temporary fix......and does not take too long. 

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    hope this thread is still open but I don't know anyone who doesn't have this problem. does anyone know of a fix or if any other software can be used to print itunes cd inserts. like alot of people my library is on itunes and printing inserts is a must. any help please. what printer is used or os doesn't matter  Thanks

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    This is not a printer or PC/MAC issue to my knowledge.  I have an HP OfficeJet Pro8500 and an HP Pavillion laptop with Windows Vista.  The same thing happened in November of 2012 when Apple released iTunes software version 11.0.1.   Hopefully we will hear some good news this week that Apple has corrected the software and will release a new verison.  Fingers crossed!!!

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    You might try Memorex Expressit Label Design's freeware and available at several places on the internet.  You can import your playlist from Itunes, and design the insert in many many ways, with different backgrounds, fonts, and designs.  It's a little more difficult to use than the Itunes option, but it works..and some people even like it better because they can be more creative.

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        The only thing that I can suggest, (as a temporary measure until they get their act together), is to try to uninstall your newest version, and reinstall your previous version. "As per my 8 December last year entry in this thread", it worked great for me then.



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    I already tried that (see my post on Feb 25) doesn't work

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    No it doesn't work, I tried AMAZON,It works....

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