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I have been experiencing issues with my Mac Mini (mid-2010) regarding wake-on-LAN and HDMI display signals that I have always been able to figure a work around for but lately they have been increasingly bothersome and the work arounds don't always work.  So I contacted AppleCare last weekend.


Long story short based on logs I sent to Apple, T3 support thinks the issues may be a result of bad memory and recommended that I go to an Apple Store to have them check it out.  Here's the kicker though I purchased an 8GB RAM kit on Black Friday.  Those two sticks of memory were not recognized by the Mac Mini after installing them until I had swapped and reseated the memory three times.  I find it hard to believe that four sticks of memory are all bad.  Personally I think there is a logic board issue going on.


I did go to the Apple Store yesterday morning to have a Genius Bar staff check out the computer with the original memory.  The woman ran an Apple Hardware Test run on the machine via internet recovery which turned up nothing.  Not to go into the gory details but I walked out of the store with mini in hand and angry as all get out because of the fact she was told me numerous times that I was going to have to pay for the repair even though it is covered under AppleCare, which I stated to her, and that just to test it out would take a minimum of six business days since they didn't have the memory on hand.


After talking with an AppleCare senior tech last night I was planning on going to a 3rd party authorized repair shop to get the mini looked at until the original senior tech called me today.  He's set me up with an appointment at a different Apple store on Tuesday where they will have the necessary RAM to test the computer with.  Which leads me to the question at hand?


Based on my conversation with the senior tech today, I tried running the extended version of the Apple Hardware Test via Internet Recovery on the Mini so if any errors were found I could take that info with me on Tuesday so I wouldn't waste anymore time than I already have.  However, I received an error stating that the Mini isn't supported.  I know that the user interface for the Apple store AHT is different from the public facing AHT, but is the back-end AHT service different as well?  I have confirmed that I did apply EFI update 1.5 with Boot ROM Version: MM41.0042.B03 to the mini which enabled Internet Recovery.  How is it that the AHT worked in the store but not at my home?