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DOP changed the camera settings after the first three shots of the first day of the shoot from 25fps to 23.98 fps and it was only discovered when the rush came to the editor, thats yours truly. The sound was recorded separately and I have no idea at what frame rate the sound recordist time-coded it.


The rush was ingested through EOS Movie plugin E1 (H264 to Apple Pro Res) at 23.98fps and I tried to synch it by using pluraleyes. The synch stays in place for initial few seconds and then starts deviating.


After reading various forum posts for last two weeks, I have tried the following with no effective results :


1. Conformed the video from 23.98 fps to 24 fps by using Cinema Tools. Created Sequence Preset 1080p with editing timebase :24fps. Imported the audio clip after creating the new sequence preset and then modified the timecode of the audio clip (Modify-Timecode- Deselect Source- Select Current) and then put it in the new sequence timeline.


2. Repeated the same for 25fps creating the Sequence Preset accordingly.


The clips still continue to go out of synch after few intial seconds.


My questions :


1. Where am I going wrong? How can I put into synch?


2. What is the best workflow for rush shot in 23.98? (This is a documentary which will only have digital 2k projections)


I will really appreciate any suggestion to solve this.


Best regards.

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.6.8)