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    How to clear itunes cache

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    Settings -> Advance (i'm not sure my itunes is localized)

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    Dosen't help, just reset the itunes store cache

  • Jason Ullom Level 1 Level 1 (130 points)

    i assume that those still having trouble have done a full reinstall.  i dont just mean itunes, i mean uninstalling everything apple (itunes, bonjour, icloud, etc.), rebooting and then reinstalling itunes.  i found for me that the other apple components were not jiving correctly with the overlay install.  this will not wipe out your music or playlists.

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    My fix was to log out of the iTunes store (even though I had never logged into it). Repeat log in's and log out's, and still haven't had the problem of adding files to iTunes repeat itself.


    Here's a longer version:

    I had/have the problem of adding new songs to my library. I do not have iTunes Match. The library is on an external drive. Over 15,000 songs. On adding, the files got copied over, I can search for them in the iTunes search bar, but they don't appear in the iTunes library list, so I couldn't select them in iTunes to play. I'm not sure if this is linked, but my cloud icons in the sidebar appeared striped, as if it's sending or receiving information constantly. I had never logged into the iTunes store using iTunes 11, but my Apple ID appeared in the store header, when clicking on the store icon.


    To get the cloud icons to go away, I logged out of the iTunes store completely, by clicking sign-out (even though I had never logged in with iTunes 11). The cloud icons went away, and the added files then appeared in iTunes, without me having to re-add them.


    Just as a test, while logged out of the store, I deleted the files, re-added them, and they get added properly. I then repeated while logged into the store, and they appear as well. Then I quit iTunes while logged in to the store and added new files to it, and those appeared in the library as well. On successive launches of iTunes, the cloud icons go from striped to solid fairly quickly. Not sure if that's linked.

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    I had the same problem. Couldn't find newly added songs in my library, but they appeared in my Recently Added list. Signing in and out of iTunes store was no help. Finally, I activated Genius and for whatever reason, that made the songs appear in the library. I should also mention that I played a couple songs from the Recently Added list that wouldn't appear while I was waiting for Genius to sync. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.

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    I had this problem, but i seem to have fixed it.


    -Here's what I did: Log out of itunes store, and then log back in. That's it.


    I have a PC and was trying to drop songs from files into itunes to be played in my library. They weren't showing up. When I logged out and in again, the songs that I had been trying to add to the library appeared. To make sure that it was fixed, i added another song that wasn't in my library and it worked.


    Hope this helps!

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    i have the same problem, tried 2 ways, and bot did not work. dont try these! After turning off itunes match,


    -i cleared cache

    -i sign out and add to the library again


    still searching for answer! hope to find soon

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    It did work for me. I really got frustrated searching here and there. but you made my life easy mate. Thanks heapzz......

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    Try doing the same as your 2nd above person said(cancerdusk). Turn on genius it really worked for me. cheers..

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    Same problem with me. Add the song, it appears in the recently added (and on iTunes remote) but not in the library. Interestingly enough, I updated the "Get Info" to add the Album and that appears when I search but clicking on it shows all the albums. Genius is enabled (I even refreshed the Genius data), sign-out and sign-in didn't work... I can even sync it to my phone! Sigh...

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    Funny thing. I searched for one of the songs I am trying to add on my Mac while itunes was closed (Found it in my library folder, of course) and on double clicking it, it opened iTunes, brought up a messgae "Checking iTunes library| and all my added songs where there! (Some of them had a TON of duplicates because I tried to add them so many times) is there a way to force iTunes to "Check the library"?

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    Still been playing around and I created an AAC version of teh mp3's I was trying to add and they suddenly all appeared. Since then (I haven't closed iTunes) but everytine I add a song it comes up straight away... Weird!

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    I had the same problem and I tried over 20 different suggestions I found on this website and others, but to no avail.  This is a huge oversight by Apple.  My old existing playlist folders were there and I could add new songs to them, but they have an icon that looks like sheet music and a note.  I could create a new playlist folder (File - New - Playlist folder), but it had the folder icon (not the music note icon) and I could not add new songs to that new playlist folder. However, you can right click on an existing playlist folder icon (one that looks like sheet music with a note) and choose the duplicate button.  That creates a new music note icon with the same name and a "1" on the end.  Then you can rename it to whatever you want and add any new song to it.

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    i was having the same problem (coulnd't add tracks to my library, no itunes match, etc) and was able to fix it.  i found out the problem when i tried to import an audio cd.  got a message about how my disc was missing.  went to itunes > preferences > advanced, and there was not a folder listed for my music location.  just find your music location and hit ok.  it will then ask you if you will allow itunes to make changes to the media.  i hit 'ok' and it took about 5 mins for my library to update.  now everything is working fine again.