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I can't be the only person who manually manages the music on his/her iPhone and does not use iTunes Match, and yet I haven't seen any mention of how to manually copy music or podcasts from my MBP to my iPhone 4S. I've tried dragging it over, and the behavior is similar to that of a device that is synced with another computer. I sincerely hope that I will not have to wipe and resync my iPad and my iPhone to use with the new version of iTunes; I will be tremendously aggrieved. Is this functionality working fine for anyone?

iTunes 11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iPhone 4S, iPad 3
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    Argh, never mind. Something happend when I did the upgrade; I restored my iTunes Library files and restarted iTunes and after it converted up to the new version it works as previously.

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    Neo.....please dont say nevermind.....this is happening to me and Im going crazy.  I cannot be expected to download ALL my music via wifi to my iPad mini.....doing it manually is long enough.  Please tell me how you got out of this.


    I upgraded to itunes 11.  Then cool I have all my playlists in my ipad.....but through a wifi connection.....if not....I cant access the music.  What is the point of having a 32 GB if everything is going to be in the cloud?  Please HELPPPPPPP!

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    Having the same issue, but my macbook pro will not allow me to update to itunes 11 even! So I am at a loss.