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I have a website which is password protected.


The User Name and Password processing is a function of the Website Host.


If you logon with Safari for the first time then you are presented with the popup to process the User Name and Password. If you then close Safari and got back to the site you are not asked for the User Name and password as this appears to have been remembered by Safari [even though I have not asked it to remember the user name and password for this website on the first access.


If you 'Reset' Safari then when going to the site it asks you for the User Name and password.


The simple question is is there a process that forces the user name and password process to required each time an individual visits the website?

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    Thanks for the prompt response I guess that switching cookies off is a user responsibility so to all intents and purposes I have no control over the user name and password being stored by the user. Cheers Ant..

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    The user can end a session by emptying the browser cache.


    A session cookie is created by you and downloaded with the web page. It logs out of the website when the browser session ends. You would need to create the cookie on the server.


    This forum works in a similar fashion. It can become irritating over time and its debatable whether its worth it as you could quite easily alienate visitors.

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    As to your closing remarks I think William Wallace may have had the same problem with his forum.........


    Thanks you for helping me with my life long disipline 67 years so far and that is to learn something new each and every day some would say training for that TV show  'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'. Cheers Ant..