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I need help. I have been texting my boyfriend perfectly fine all day on his iPad and now when I go to send a message to him, it states that this person is unavailable at this time.... What does this mean?

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    It would tend to mean that his iPad is out of reach.


    He has either turned Off the Messages app.

    Or Turned the iPad off Completely.

    Put in Airport mode.


    Moved out of range of his WiFi.

    The router has suffered a Power cut. (no WiFi)


    Something along those lines.


    Other possibles

    He has removed the Apple ID he was using and is now using another.


    The iPad has run out of Power and is therefore "Off"


    His mother saw the fingerprint marks on the screen and put it through the Dishwasher to remove them  (   This is a joke line and should not be tried)



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