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Hey guys,


It's your' average idiot again, with another (possible dumb) questions for the master Editors out there. Ok, so I've been on YouTube again, trying to figure out how to set the trim options for transitions. I know that in all the videos, the menu is in the Preferences menu, but in the version that I have, I don't! It only has the option to edit the default transition time, then a "Reset all Warnings" check box.


My situation, if it makes any difference, is this: I'm making a video cutting together different songs from this Jazz Band I film. I didn't do a good job setting the audio, so it's too loud and has too much background noise, so yeah, I have to enhance and filter the audio a lot, so I separated the audio source. So, in Jazz gigs, everyone plays, then each instrument does their thing, then they all play and close. So when the sax is playing, I blade it out so I can edit it seperately from the very soft piano solo that follows. Between the two sources, I up the decibels pretty significantly, so I put a cross fade between the two to make it sound real natural. But, when I add my transition, it trims a bunch of frames so that all the media after that transition is out of sync.


Is there some other, easier way of editing the audio so that it cross fades naturally between a soft into a loud audio source? How can I set the transitions to use available media to trim?


I have the latest version of FCPX, on a new MBP 15'' retina, i7 quad-core.


Thanks guys,



Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    As a general matter if you leave media handles FCP will edit in transitions without changing the duration of your sequence.


    I'm not very good with audio, but it seems to me if you have multiple tracks – each specific to a player/instrument – blading is not your friend. (No handles.) Try keyframing (option click on the audio levels line on the tracks) the outgoing track and the incoming track to overlap according to your needs.


    Good luck.



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    What the heck are handles?!?! I keep hearing about using the handles, and this and that. I'm guessing that that is just the thing that you can pull that will lengthen/shorten a clip? I don't know, but the version of FCPX that I have doesn't have the available media option and all. The key framing was the answer,  I wasn't aware before that I could key in different effects, too (which was the real problem).


    Thanks again!!

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    Handles are surplus media on either side of a marked clip, which FCP can use to overlap a cross dissolve without rippling the sequence. For example, a 10 second clip might have an in point marked at 2 seconds and an out point marked at 7 seconds. When edited to the timeline, it's a five second clip with handles of 2 seconds at the start and 3 seconds at the end which are available for transitions (or additional trimming).


    Glad the keyframing worked.