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I recently purchased (not really, as it was free) the single of the week.  In the old iTunes 10, a new folder would pop up along the side labeled downloading where I could see the progress of the song being downloaded.  It would then appear under the Purchased folder.  This time none of that happened and the song has simply never appeared in my library.  I cannot find it on my hard drive at all, even though the iTunes store account shows that I did download it.  What gives?

iTunes 11, Windows 7
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    Open View > Show Sidebar and go to Purchased. Also, your purchased songs that aren't stored on your iTunes library will appear on the library, so you don't have to download them to listen to songs

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    I tried that already.  The song, 'We Three Kings' by Rod Stewart, appears NOWHERE in either Purchased or anywhere else in my iTunes library.  Even tried downloading it a second time.


    Please help.

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    I'm having the same problem with iTunes 11. When I purchase songs for the iTunes Store, they don't appear in iTunes for me. They appear immediately on my mobile devices, but in order to get them to appear in iTunes, I have to turn off iTunes Match and then turn it back on, and even then they only appear as being available for download. Oddly enough, if I go into the iTunes Media/Downloads folder, the original downloaded files are there. It's as if they aren't getting fully processed by iTunes and indexed properly after they are downloaded. It's incredibly annoying. I could probably drag those files into iTunes to add them, but I haven't tried that yet. Hopefully Apple will resolve this issue quickly. In the meantime, check your iTunes Media/Downloads folder. The files are probably there.

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    I have the same problem. I closed Itunes, went back to the store to re-download the song a second time. They started to appear like normal in my library.


    super annoying.

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    Go to the iTunes Store. There should be a Purchased quick link on the right menu. Click that, I was able to downoad all my past purchases from there.