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iTunes 11 is missing too many useful features, especially DJ and gapless editing. I also love using coverflow to visually choose albums. iTunes 11 offers no new features that I want. Not a single thing. And it is annoying that an essential navigation interface element like the sidebar is not there by default and has to be summoned by a menu command.


It seems I won't be upgrading from here. I realize that makes no difference right now but what difference might it make further down the track? If iTunes ceases to be workable at some future point is there an alternative music organizer available that is similar to iTunes 9 or 10?


After many many years of introducing desireable features they are going in directions I no longer want to go. When they dropped Rosetta I decided to never go beyond Snow Leopard. Removing Mobile Me services meant that I cannot trust Apple to consistently provide an online service so I avoid iCloud. After being Apple all the way since 1980 I can picture myself choosing another platform eventually. It is sad for me.

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    I don't know.  But don't upgrade.  I did and have been unable to downgrade and so am having to look for alternative players.  11 is terrible.  Many think the Mas team were moved to iTunes dev - but in comparison Maps is great.