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I'm currently stationed overseas and purchased a Mac OS Snow Leopard and sent to to my aunt in Chicago, UPS sent the package back to apple after "attempting" 3 times to drop it off, the dates that they tried to drop the package off appear online, all 3 days my uncle was there, he's been home for a while now given he broke his arm. UPS only left 2 notices not 3, once my aunt goes to pick it up they were very rude to her and said they shipped it back to Apple.

I understand this is entirely UPS being incompetent but my issue is when I go to the apple website looking for help or the otion to contact customer's service I don't get the "Live chat" option nor an email address I can contact and I'm just assuming it's because even tho I'm using the USA apple website my IP address is still in the UK so I don't get that option (same thing with Steam but they were nice enough to send me a link and help me out).

What do I do? I can't call a 1800 number from the UK, is there an email I can contact?

Also the website doesn't have very many options on the product you purchased page... dissapointing.


On a side note apple seriously need to reconsider who they use for delivery... UPS is know to all military overseas for taking forever, loosing stuff, and being ruse.

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