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I don't want to create a theme for every single presentation I prepare. I want to open my custom theme and start adding contents to my slides. However, there is some content that should show up on every single slide. E.g., my name and a reference to the particular occasion should be present on every slide.


Here is how I think this should work: I have to create a text box with that content on the master slide(s). Obviously, it would be rather unnerving to edit every single master slide. Naturally, I just want to define some content that will show up on all my master slides.


Unfortunately, I could not find out how to achieve this. Any help is welcome.

Keynote '09 5.0, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    view > show master slides

    right click on any master > new master slide

    add your design elements to be shown on every slide



    you can thene add placeholders for text and graphics if prefered here

    inspector > slide inspector > appearance





    master slide.png







    you can now save this as a theme so it can be used on future projects


    read the Keynote user manual chapter  > designing master slides and themes to see how this is done

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    Dear Gary,


    thanks for your reply. As far as I understand your suggestion, I would create a master slide the contents of which are then applied to every slide that inherits from that master, then save that as a theme.


    However, I think you have misunderstood my aim resp. my problem.


    I have a theme with a nicely flexible collection of master slides which I would like to use on several occasions. Let's say there were 20 master slides, and my presentation of let's say 100 slides would make use of a certain set of those.


    Now I would set up my my presentation for e.g. ThinkConf 2012, and I would like each slide in my presentation to say "ThinkConf 2012, MyName" next to the slide number. Since the slides would by based on an unforeseeable subset of master slides, I would have to edit every single master slide beforehand. Naturally, I would prefer to take a pass on that work step.


    Thanks again, and please reiterate if have misunderstood your suggestion.


    Any further help is very welcome!

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    I conclude that Keynote does not afford this basic function.


    If you want a theme to contain certain content on every master slide, you will have to edit every single master slide manually.


    This has been faulted at least since 2006 (https://discussions.apple.com/message/2016843#2016843).