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I installed a new mac battery yesterday as my other one was no longer functioning properly. It worked until I followed the instructions for calibrating it. The computer went to sleep and was unable to wake up.


I tried all the help tips in the manual and a couple from the site, including:

- Pulling the battery and removing the power and pressing the power button for 5 seconds

- Pressing option, command, P, R, upon start up until it chimes twice

- Pressing option D to run a hardware test (which said it had no errors)


By inserting the disk that came with it, I just ran a disk utility "verify disk permissions" and "verify disk"and it said, Disk utility stopped verifying because the underlying task reported failure on exit. The following errors are reported for both:

-Incorrect number of extended attributes

-invalid volume file count (should be 688156 instead of 688188)

-Invalid volume directory count (should be 211464 instead of 211432)

The outcome is that the disk needs to be repaired. I cannot remove the start up disk.


Sometimes the computer loads with the option to log into my computer (picture of a hard drive and arrow to enter) but when I press it it does not load and instead keeps rebooting/chiming every 10 minutes or so.


I would really like to save my files if possible, I haven't backed up for a few months.


The first availablity at the Genius bar is Tuesday. I'm hoping someone else can help.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)