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Hey dear friends,

need to have a hint about import setting for picture to FCE.

Reason why is, because I think the export result is much depending on it.

I am trying currently a slideshow and using jpeg with even 15 MByte resultion, but export result is depressiv


All inputs are very well comed


Thx in advance


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  • David Harbsmeier Level 7 (29,920 points)

    I personally prefer using uncompressed TIFF, PSD or PNG files.  JPG is a lossy format, and gets recompressed every time you save it.


    >>I think the export result is much depending on it<<

    The thing to remember here is that video, even HD video, is often not nearly as high resolution as still images.  So when you convert a high res still image to video, it may not look as clear or sharp, especially if you're working in SD video.  The export 'quality' depends on your export settings and format almost as much as the quality of the input material.



  • Russ H Level 6 (19,490 points)

    What David Harbsmeir said. We need to be realistic when our gorgeous DSLR images get reformatted into even the best video formats. (We're throwing away a lot of pixels!)


    Just to add one suggestion: the FCE/FCP project format can make a difference. 720P is a far better sequence setting for still images than, for example, DV NTSC or PAL. Give it a test.


    Good luck.



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    Hey David

    thanks for the hints

    You are absolutely right, that resolution of still pictures and video are different world, but there must be a solution, because other program ms like e.g. FOTOMAGICO do show good results.


    I think I need to find ourt a set-up for the import format of the pictures and might be that FCE does not have the high resolution offer, which FCP is offering.


    Do you know about??


    What experiences do you have with still slide transitions in your home videos??


    Thanks for a feedback or additional questions from your side


    Best regards