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how do i print address labels from address book?  I have a group marked 'holiday labels' with all my contacts in it.  when i go to try to print it, it doesn't give me an option to print labels.  how do i do this?

iMac, iOS 6.0.1
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    From the Address Book Help Menu:


    To print:

    1. In the Group column, select All Contacts or a group. Or, in the Name column, select specific contacts.If contacts in the group you selected have multiple addresses, you can choose which address to use for each contact.
    2. Choose File > Print.

      Choose the style to print from the Style pop-up menu, and then set related options.  If you don’t see these options, open the disclosure triangle after the printer’s name.

      Mailing Labels: Click Layout and choose a label type from the Page pop-up menu. To set the page margins and the gutter space between labels, and how many labels to print on a page, choose Define Custom.

      Click Label and then choose the type of address to print for each contact from the Addresses pop-up menu (for example, print a label for each contact’s home or work address, or both). Use other Label options to specify the print order, to include a company (for business mailings) or a country (for international mailings), or add a small graphic to the label

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    When I select a group, it says 45 cards. When I set up to print, it says 32 addresses. Why the discrepancy?


    How do I print both spouses' names on a label? I have spouses listed separately with their respective email addresses and phone numbers in Contacts. I've added the spouse's name in the Relationship>Spouse category in Contacts. I don't remember the trick to get both names to be printed on a label with their address. Can anyone help?

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    What I did was to create another field by clicking the green plus sign next to spouse added area and I selected a field I knew I would never use like "manager" and in this field I created a line for how I wanted the envelope addressed like "Mr. & Mrs. John Smith", or "John & Jane Smith", or "The Smith Family". 


    Then I added a new "Group" to my Address Book called "Holiday Cards 12", and I dragged every person I wanted to send a card to to this group.


    Okay, now here's the bad news.  I wasn't happy with the results I was getting trying to print from Address Book so I purchased "Labels and Addresses" by BeLight Software from the App Store.  You need OS 10.6.8 to get on the App Store.  They have a version available for purchase for OS 10.5 on their own website.  It has excellent Video Tutorials to walk you through the process, and it imports your information from the Address Book.  Here is the link:




    When I finished printing my mailing labels, I even created some very nice return address labels on it.


    Sorry I'm not better help.


    Good luck.

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    If Jor's suggestions don't get you moving for some reason, there is a specific forum area that deals with Mail and Address book issues where more Address Book gurus hang out. The forum you are in tends to more about hardware issues with pre-2006 iMacs (although it's hard to tell from the poorly-chosen label wording.)


    However, we cannot ask the Hosts to move you without knowing your Mac OS version. Your profile says iOS 6, which cannot run on any Mac computer, only iDevices.


    Please do "About this Mac" from your Apple menu to find the actual OS version, which probably starts with "10." Then we can get you to a forum with more traffic.


    Considering editing your profile to include the actual OS version; that will save time in getting help with future questions.

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    Dear Rambling Joe,


    Thanks for your reply. It's a workaround I don't want to attempt, bc it'll mess up when it's not for xmas card mailing purposes. But glad that worked for you.



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    Thank you, Allan Jones, for your reply. I couldn't find a Mail discussion group and just tacked on to a previous poster's query. I guess that wasn't a good idea, but you're nice to try to redirect my query.


    So the two Macs I use most often are: MacBook Air running OS 10.7.5 and MacPro running 10.6.8.


    I updated my profile, but I can't seem to re-order my devices. Only can choose a Default, but the others don't fall in last used order or alpha order or type of device order. The iDevices stay sandwiched between the two Macs no matter which order I click Default.