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I have a powerbook g4 M9421LL/A (April, 2004)  which came with leopard os x 10.5  on it, The hd went bad and I replaced the hd with a new one and tried to install the retail version of  Panther  OSx 10.3, the one it was supposed to have had on it originally. I get the prohibited sign (circle with line) when I try to boot from the install disk and can't get into disk utility, verbose or single user  mode. When I press the option key the install disk is the only choice, and I get the apple logo and then the prohibited sign when I choose it to boot from. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? When the install disk is not inserted and I boot I get the face and question mark. I can access Open Firmware only. I have tried resetting PMU with no result.

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.3.x), 133ghz processor and 768mb ram.