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How do you install a new version of itunes.... the most recent version is shocking

Windows 7
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    If you installed iTunes 11, you'll have to completely uninstall via your Control Panel in Windows.  Before you uninstall, make sure you DeAuthorize iTunes 11 on your computer.


    You can download the older copy from here - http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1577

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    I am a novice.  Could you please elaborate and explain what deauthorizing is or how to deauthorize iTunes 11.0?  I am distraught becuase managing my library is a nightmare and I am looking for a means to revert back to a previous version.

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    To deauthorize a computer

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. From the Store menu, choose Deauthorize This Computer. (In earlier versions of iTunes, access this option from the Advanced menu).
    3. When prompted, enter your Apple ID and password, then click Deauthorize.

    Remember to deauthorize your computer before you sell it, give it away, or get your computer serviced. Also, make sure you deauthorize your computer before you upgrade your RAM, hard disk or other system components, or reinstall Windows. If you do not deauthorize your computer before you upgrade these components, one computer may use multiple authorizations.



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    This new version is really s..t!

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    Hi Daniel,


    I installed the latest version of iTunes i-e iTunes 11. It didn't let me install a single app :/ and then un-intstalled it through control pannel. Installing the iTunes 10.7, shows an error on clicking on the iTunes icon.iTunes error.png

    So how can i then "Deauthorize This Computer"?

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    You can restore much of the look & feel of the previous version with these shortcuts:

    • ALT to temporarily display the menu bar
    • CTRL+B to show or hide the menu bar
    • CTRL+S to show or hide the sidebar
    • CTRL+/ to show or hide the status bar (won't hide for me on Win XP)
    • Click the magnifying glass top right and untick Search Entire Library to restore the old search behaviour
    • Use View > Hide <Media Kind> in the cloud or Edit > Preferences > Store and untick Show iTunes in the cloud purchases to hide the cloud items. The second method eliminates the cloud status column (and may let iTunes start up more quickly)
    • If you don't like having different coloured background & text in the Album view use Edit > Preferences > General and untick Use custom colours for open albums, movies, etc.


    If you still feel the need to roll back to iTunes 10.7 first download a copy of the 32 bit installer or 64 bit installer as appropriate, uninstall iTunes and supporting software, i.e. Apple Application Support & Apple Mobile Device Support. Reboot. Restore the pre-upgrade version of your library database as per the diagram below, then install iTunes 10.7.




    See iTunes Folder Watch for a tool to scan the media folder and catch up with any changes made since the backup file was created.