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After updating to iTunes 11 many songs in my music library have been duplicated. The duplicate songs have an iCould icon next to them in the songs list. If I delete the duplicate (the one with the iCould icon), that song is no longer available for me to download from the "purchased" section of the store. The only way to get rid of the duplicate is to remove the song from my song list (the one without the iCloud icon) and download it again. This is a lot of work for more than 100 songs. Is there a way to turn off the feature that lists songs that it things have not been downloaded?

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    I don't understand. Sometimes the duplicate music has an iCoud symbol, sometimes it does not. Sometimes there is an icloud icon near the top of iTunes, sometimes there is not.


    I am getting the impression that icloud is a really really terrible idea that just doesn't work. Apple, Can we get rid of it, please?

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    Similar issue. I have two copies of approx 400 songs. One has the cloud and one doesn't. I assume that the one without the cloud was previously downloaded after purchasing on my iPhone. After I download the cloud copy; I now have two copies of the same song.


    You can go into preferences and unclick the box thast says "show songs from iTunes in the cloud" (something like that). Then your library will not reflect the cloud songs; reducing the count back to the number of songs downloaded


    Hope this is informative even if not helpful.

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    Thank you, fokrab. That solved my problem. Woo hoo...

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    Thanks, this also solved my issue.


    I have to admit, I looked at preferences a number of times, but never saw that.


    It is still so un-Mac like to default to a view that is confusing. What are they thinking out there in Cupertino????



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    But do those songs that are now hidden actually still take up space on the iphone?

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    The question I have is why does it only happen to some of the songs. I noticed if I would delete the local copies then download from iCloud, the iCloud copies would become local copies. Is there some subtle difference between the iCloud copies and the local copies of the duplicate songs, I guess?

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    I just downloaded the latest and greatest iTunes (version and I clicked on the "search media" (or something like that) and it searched my computer and found hundreds of songs and it built my music library.


    Oddly, though, it shows two of every song.


    Nothing in this support thread works for me so I assume it's because I have a newer version of iTunes.


    There is a "Show duplicate items" in the View menu, but there isn't a "Don't show duplicates".


    So, what do I do with the duplicates?  There are too many to delete, plus I'm afraid that they might be pointing to the same song.  I don't think I have two of every song listed there.


    What can I do?


    Thanks in advance,


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    I am having this same issue but it has nothing to do with the cloud.


    I wiped my PC and reinstalled iTunes.  When I imported my music to itunes from our home network/share iTunes duplicated every song in my library (4,725).  It did not matter where the song came from originally.  I have some iTunes purchases, some misc downloads, copies burned from CD, etc, etc...


    I have tried deleting and re-importing several times with no luck.  I did not have this problem with iTunes 10.


    Please, please, please, somebody help!!

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    I have exactly the same problem, all media on NAS.

    Setup on new new mac with fresh itunes.

    And all ok, initially and then boom - 2 of everything except the filenames are different a 1 has been added to the duplicate!!!!