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Hey, I am about to upgrade to iPhone 5; meaning I can dump my office Blackberry and use my iPhone 4 for work instead; so my setups will be:


Home: iMac, iPhone 5, iPad
Business: Windows laptop, iPhone 4


So my iPhone 5 for home docks with the iMac; the iPhone 4 docks with the Windows laptop; and both are run as independently as possible, with very different apps.

Initially I planned to get a new Apple ID for my Business iPhone, so that I could have bookmarks synced between my Windows laptop and iPhone 4.


However, I realised that - as I use my existing iCloud account for my calendar - I would not have any Home calendar events in my iPhone 4, so for example, wouldn't be able to book appointments for business whilst being sure I didn't have holidays from my Home calendar stored there.


So now I'm thinking of using the same, existing iCloud account on both phones. I will have to lose bookmark syncing on the work phone, but at least I'll have both calendars on it as well.


What do you guys think is best? Any other ideas?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1