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ho can I create a  random effects with letters,  i dont necessarely want to create any word just to "spray" many letters  randomly

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    Start a new group.


    Add a text object and type 'a'.

    Select the layer and Duplicate: change the letter to 'b'

    continue for each letter you want to "spray".


    Select the Group and add a New Group (for the emitter)


    Pick one text object (one character) and turn it into an emitter.

    Drag the Emitter up to the empty group.


    Set the cell controls you think you want (Birth rate, speed, spin, stuff like that)


    Select ALL the *other* text layers and drag them ONTO the emitter -- they'll all be added to the emitter and each will be randomly selected when the emitter fires.


    Go back to the first "cell" (letter) you added and whose "controls" you edited.  Shift select the parameters you changed and drag them onto each of the other letter layers in the layers list (that will copy the parameter values to each one without having to go into each one individually and make changes.)


    (I only did letters a - e:)





    Hope that's what you're looking for.

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    , exactely what i wanted to achieve,

    i want to give a text as shape source to the emitter, is it possibile?, it seems that only with bezier works,

    even if i create a text in illustrator and export it as shape, once i used a script to obtain it, but did not work with text

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    To use text as a "shape source" — for the Shape parameter of the emitter, choose Image and drag the text layer into the source well.