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This new iTunes is the pits.  I want the old version back.  I deleted iTunes 11 and tried to reinstall an earlier version.  It gives me an error that my library cannot be recognized by an older version.  So...will i have to delete everything, libraries, etc. in order to get rid of this frankenstein monster and go back to a good version?  And if I do, I'd like to thank you in advance for the hours of work you will be creating for me. 

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1, iTunes 11
Reply by Allan Eckert on Dec 2, 2012 1:35 PM Helpful
Good. Glad to hear you are switching to Droid then they can put up with your rudeness instead of us. Allan

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    I'm sorry, but Apple does not provide a downgrade path for iOS. Because downgrading is unsupported by Apple we cannot discuss it on these forums, but you can use Google to find information on how to install an older version of iOS on any iDevice.

  • BrownsFan4Ever Level 1 Level 1

    that is just wrong.  I have no way of accessing my iPhone from this piece of junk.  well...I guess you got my money already.  bought the iPhone 5, buy from the store, next phone will be a Droid.

  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10

    Don't be rude. We are users just like you. Apple is not replying to you.

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    Good. Glad to hear you are switching to Droid then they can put up with your rudeness instead of us.



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    I am so sorry.  There is no need for rudeness and I apologize.  Only excuse I can offer, which really is not something I should do, is that I was so frustrated with this iTunes 11 program.  The "button" for the iPhone only shows up when the phone is syncing???  I've tried unistalling and installing, re-authorizing this computer, etc.  I guess I'll just go back to the older version until the bugs are worked out of this one.  Infuriates me when companies are so anxious to get "updates" and "new or improved products" into the market prior to giving it a long enough test period or even bothering to look for glitches. 


    I've also had a multitude of problems with my new iPhone 5.  Call out...takes 20 seconds for the phone to even begin to connect to ring... happens even when I'm sitting on top of a tower.  Other issues, too.  I think the phone is defective because a lot of the other issues are not carrier related.  Verizon has given me a lot of support but like any carrier wants me to jump through all of the flaming hoops prior to giving up and exchanging the phone. 


    I'm beginning to think I just should have stayed with my old iPhone 4. 


    Thank you for your help and advice.  Once again, I'm very sorry. 

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    I agree with the sentiment here. iTunes 11 is awful. I will be downgrading, but thanks for reminding me that I need to - re-import the library. Pity there was not simply an "old mode" switch in the new version.

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    This guy is downgrading! enough said

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    The work around is not adequate.  I'm so depressed by iTunes 11.  I'm only writing in hopes that someone at Apple, or the ghost of Steve Jobs, reads it.  Apple's stock, of which I own some, is dropping.  Maps suck, the new iTunes *****...  It's all just too depressing.  I too would like to compare easily what is in my library with other offerings in the iTunes store, but alas I cannot.  Another way that Apple is losing money.  If the next piece of software is this lame, I'm selling my stock.

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    Tried that, it stopped at tones, looking to make my own ring tones for iPhone 3GS, what a pain in the *** so far, can't figure it out...

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    Who ever said dont be rude I guess must be an apple fanboy.  Tell me why I have to buy iphone 5 to finally get 4g a technology that has been out for 2 to 3 years.  I am sick of apple and their overpriced items I dont know if you dont see all it is is software.  I really like the apps for games but my Galaxy 2 screen is almost bigger than my wifes iphone.  I am sorry they need to catch up with the times and leave itunes alone.  The new version is harder to use and harder to figure out what they did.  He has the right to be rude to apple, they are a company that doesnt care about their buyers because they know that people will line up to buy their ipad mini when you can buy a full size Ipad for 70 dollars more.  My wife just bought the ipad 4 and they didnt make that many changes to justify it just like they did with the 4s yet fanboys went beserk.  I think we ought to show them that unless they make the next iphone with a larger screen and the next ipad a little cheaper then we wont buy it. 


    I have all the components in my computer to match an IMAC yet need to buy their 2200$ computer to have their software legally.  Its all about money of course I get that but make something for a better price considering it is software leading not the components.  An alienware laptop runs less money than a stupid macbook that is wrong.  I hope apple reads this but they will have their fans that will line the streets for bad products.  They are behind in technology compared to android and pc.  The ipad mini should have been priced like everyone else at 199 not 329 but again fanboys lined the streets for it. 

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    Oh yeh all that to say the new itunes is horrible is the nice way to put it. With the new format I want the old one too. To the guy that apologized you shouldnt have to for wanting a decent interface considering the money that you shell out for their product.  The guy now running apple said we dont have to change anything because the public will still buy it because it is apple.  No apple is not replying on this because they know they dont have to fix anything to get it sold. 

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    I agree, leave itunes alone, can't even make ringtones anymore that I can figure out anyway for my iPhone 3GS, ***