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What does this iCloud staus icon mean? It used to appear intermittently in iTunes 10. It rarely, if ever, went away without restarting iTunes. I was hopeful that this issue would be "fixed" by iTunes 11. But, as you can see, it's still there, and it still clears with an iTunes restart. I found an Apple Support article for iCloud status icons <http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4124> but this one is not listed. Your thoughts?icloud_icon.png

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    Yes, please someone answer this question.


    When playing purchased music or video streamed from iCloud (I do not have iTunes Match), sometimes the song just stops, I look over at iTunes window and the iCloud symbol is gone, and all my songs/videos in the cloud disappear from the list. It is as if the iCloud icon shows that I have good connection to my library on iCloud.


    However, once it disappears (network hiccup?), I can't figure out how to get the iCloud-based songs back. If I quit iTunes and restart it, I *do* get that iCloud icon back as well as access to all my songs in iCloud.


    Quiting and restarting seems a bad design.


    Could Apple (or someone) provide a definitive story on the iCloud icon (what it means, what are its different states, etc.), and when it disappears, how can I bring it back (and my song lists)?

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    I have the same icon; no idea why. I don't have Match and nowhere do I see a configurable iCloud setting (my music should not be backed up to the cloud - I have over 3400 songs; it would take days with my bandwidth). 275 of the songs show up in gray with a cloud/download icon next to them like in the below picture. Those songs are also in the Library 'normally'. What the heck is iTunes doing now that I didn't ask it to do?



    Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 9.13.24 AM.png

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    I came across this article below a few minutes ago. I've read it twice but I'm still kind of cloudy (sorry!) on the meaning of this status icon. Hope this helps...