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For reasons of economy and if it ain't broke, don't fix it, I'm still running with a G5 Dual 2.0 PowerPC at 10.4.11 for my music and photography studio. Married, two lovely children and an adorable wife, so can't afford to upgrade, and anyway, it works. Mostly.


I have two boot disks, cloned using SuperDupa which I test regularly. I've recently been having a few minor niggles so I decided to rebuild one of the disks from scratch as this hasn't been done in a couple of years. Erase the disk using Disk Utility, clean os-x install from the original disks, patch the system using Software Update then bit by bit load all the applications and gradually rebuild the whole system.


All going well until I get to Adobe CS3. When I run setup to install CS3 I get the following error;


JavaScript Alert


Critical errors were found in the setup

          - The installer database is invalid: please re-install the product from the original media. Please see Setup log file for details.



I've done some research and found that this is mostly about an unclean uninstall of CS3 when reinstalling, and is fixed by either running a CS5 cleanup program, which doesn't apply in this case as I've done a clean install (and it won't run anyway) and the boot disk is the only disk mounted. The other fix is to  erase the disk and do a clean o/s install, which is I've done. That hasn't worked either.


I've tried running the setup on the other boot disk (at 10.4.11) and also on my MacBook Pro (at 10.6.8) and it works both times.


Any clues would be apprecaited.


thanks and regards



Power Mac G5 (Early 2005), Mac OS X (10.4.11), G5 Dual 2Gb PowerPC 10.4.11
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    I've had better luck with...

    Carbon Copy Cloner...



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    Thanks, but SuperDupa and the copy isn't the issue here. It's a clean install of os-x but I'm still getting the error.

  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10

    Oh, I thought you hd a working copy, but anyway...

    The installer database is invalid...

    As far as I can find, that means some Adobe stuff was left somewhere!???


    I wonder if it's looking at all Disks?


    Since you can't run the Adobe cleanup app, maybe...





  • Simon Murray Level 1 Level 1

    Yes I wondered that so I unmounted everything before running the install and got the same error. I'll take a look at appzapper thanks but meantime I think I've found a solution.


    If I copy the Adobe installers from the other disk it seems to work. Haven't tried a full install yet but am hopeful. I'll hopefully get chance to try it tonight and report.

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    Good work, anxious to hear the oucome.

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    Well, I  have a fix, but not the cause.


    1. original boot disk is already cloned using SuperDupa so I have a backup
    2. erase second disk and run a custom install of os-x from the orginal 10.4 disks (including OS 9 Classic)
    3. custom install - printers and language translators not included
    4. X11 not incuded
    5. run Software Update to patch the system
    6. run Onyx
    7. install CS3 from original disks - fails with JavaScript alert
    8. copy /library/applicaiton support/adobe/installers/big_long_number/payloads +resources +setup from original boot disk to rebuild disk
    9. install CS3 - works perfectly


    I'm at a loss here. It seems that my reinstall of 10.4 is putting something into the Adobe installers area which the install of CS3 doesn't like. What that might be is beyond me. Adobe Reader might be a cuiprite but I haven't installed anything at this stage.


    So, there's the work around; no idea what the cause might be. I'l try again sometime soon when I rebuild the MacBook Pro (10.6.8) but that's going to be a while yet.


    Thanks all,



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    Thanks for the report! 


    So did the failed not have /library/applicaiton support/adobe/installers/big_long_number/payloads, or was it a munged copy?

  • Simon Murray Level 1 Level 1

    After step 6 run Onyx, I checked the /library/appliction support directory and there was nothing for Adobe in there, the install puts the directories in there and then fails with the error. Yet it works after step 8, copy the Adobe directoy into application support.


    I'm missing something I'm sure, it can't be that weird. I've checked the Adobe install logs and it hasn't shed any light. I've not checked the os-x logs next so I guess that's the final check.


    Then to rebuild my MacBook Pro and see what happens there!





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    JavaScript Alert


    I suspect this is a typo which has totally altered the meaning. Can I assume it should be Java Script Alert, ie a problem with Java rather than JavaScript?


    My advice is to do without Adobe products altogether if you can.


    Carbon Copy Cloner is no longer free but a few days ago it was still possible to download a free copy one version later than their stated free limit. It is such a useful utility that I advise all to get a free copy before it is too late.

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    JS Error.jpg


    See above for comments on CCC. Great product I'm sure but I've built the disks from scratch and installed CS3 from scratch from original disks.


    Opinion on an alternative to Photoshop would be appreciated.