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My iPhone 4S has suddenly decided, one week after buying it new, that it will not receive a charge.

I don’t even understand how this is happening. It was working fine three hours ago. My battery started getting low, so I plugged it in. I was still using it, is was still on. I noticed that the battery, even though it was plugged in, was getting lower and lower, until it was completely depleted… But I was still using it. So, I turned it off thinking maybe if I turned it off and let it charge, and turn it back on that it might help. But, three hours later, no charge, and it wouldn't even turn back on.  Just a few minutes ago, it turned on but still held no charge.  I tried to reset using the on/off and home keys, and now I'm back at square one with a phone that won't turn on.

I am so mad.  HAAALP

iPhone 4S