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I have another discussion going about batch jobs, but this is a different kettle of fish.


Compressor is extremely unreliable and freezes continually.  I open a new job, touch the Preview and the whole thing hangs.   I've learned that if I go fo a walk after starting a new job, that I can start working the Preview without crashing.


After successfully being able to use the Preview, the exported mov will not run, as per the warning message, unless I install Quiktime version 7.0!!  I'm on 10.  Obviously, I don't install 7.0.


I've trashed Compressor and it's related files, then reinstalled -- no change.


One would think this thing had been put together by Microsft engineers . . .

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    I should mention that I've already gone through the Apple troubleshooting document on this subject.

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    I'm hoping that others will chime in on the reliability issue. But to your comment:



    Rusty Rat wrote:


    Obviously, I don't install 7.0.


    Never heard of that QT7 error message. Hopefully, if you run Compressor Repair, it can get rid of it.


    Don't know what OS version you have but actually QT 7 in the Pro version ($29 upgrade) is quite useful and is my default player as well – unless I'm playing back QT movies with Chapters.


    Just my 2 Cents.



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    I'm beginning to believe that my FCPx project is the issue, and that by exporting first, I'm avoiding that problem.  My FCPx was quite reliable up until recently when I had a series of crashes.  It seemed to be related to having too many apps open, particularly Aperture, so running FCPx with little else (I have an 8 GB machine) settled it down.  However, since then I'm having weird issues with the project, with generators and titles fouling up or disappearing without reason.

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    HI Rusty, yeah there are some silly things with compressor. However its amongst the best kind of the tools. Just some things you might want to manage with your workflow. These have been around a while and have been reflected my many including myself.


    Compressor V4.0x Preview UI.. well if you are adding 100's of jobs, best close the PREVIEW window. Why? well Compressor does its best to set up a BEFORE and AFTER (source and distribution) so you can slide around and view it. Yep with several 10's or more of jobs from "Add Files" etc, this can take ages. In one case HOURS! with some MOTION jobs added.. so in this tip. .. CLOSE THE PREVIEW WINDOW before adding JOBS. It will make a remarkable difference.


    For those who might ask, well why can I also disable the ICON builds?...like you can do in MOTION for example. Dunno how to do that... maybe editiing the underwear XML... Although this doesn't consume anywhere near the time that the PREVIEW PANE does.. worth a look.


    Should you need to PREVIEW your transcode then Compressor will always try and pull up a view for you as I described above. In the past I have been able to

    1. add a single job then
    2. get in quickly and adjust IN and OUT points
    3. then reduce the actual size of the preview


    Quicktime. current flavour you have should be at least QUICKTIME X... I'd say as you're at 10.8.2 you'd be on that QT X.


    If you're making many distribution formats from a SINGLE master then you should use Compressor's fabulous type of job control called JOB CHAINING... Its implemented in the Applications  Jobs menu as New Job with Target Output. Basically lets you use your initial  MASTER and generate one of more distributions from it and also implies soem dependancy.


    Lastly you can have Compressor run your favourite Applescript to soem some specially process or two that normally requires manual interventon. One such action I use is to have one target destination folder with a FOLDER ACTION "do this when new items recived" and pass this on to Transmit.app via its API to SCP/SFTP the distibuiton to a colleague for collaboration or a cloud... There are 100's pf examples of this kind of script. You can specify an applescipts or OSASCRIPT etc to be run for a partuclar jOB also in the IMPECTOR


    anyway, Compressor is your friend.. (most of the time)


    post your results for others to see.





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    Thanks, I'll remember that tip about closing the preview as I don't always need to se IN and OUT points in the video is to be used as-is, so no need for preview.


    Since starting this thread, I've become comfortable with a workflow that reduced the crashing to zero.  I suspect that my FCPx project had some issues so exporting using ProRes 422 then into Compressor, worked around the project issues.


    Thanks to all for the info supplied.