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In Sys Pref/Sharing, when I start Personal Web Sharing, there are 2 URL's at the bottom. The folder for my Personal Website I gather is the "Sites" folder. Where is the folder for the Computer Website URL so I can change the content in it from the Apache page that tells me that the install of Apache is successful to content I want to access from my Blackberry Playbook or another computer? Thanks, Ken.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2gig, 2gigs ram
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    Hi. Please forgive me, I saw another discussion which says that the computer website folder is at /Library/Web Server. When I open that folder I see 2 other folders, CGI-Executables (empty) + Documents (full of stuff). I am not a programmer at all, so please explain simply how I change the existing Apache content with content of my own (eg: 3 pdf files) so I can access them from my browser by using the url in "Sharing, Personal Web Sharing".

    Thanks, Ken.

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    Hi Ken, when you open System Preferences>Sharing & enable/highlight Web Sharing, you'll see two places, one for your User, & a compurter wide one...




    Library/Web Server/

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    Thanks BDAqua. In the Sites folder, I have been taking everything out, then replacing it with whatever content I want to access from another computer. When trying to take everything out of the Web Server folder, then replacing it with my content, I can't connect to it so obviously I have taken out too much. The whole object of this exercise is to copy content from my iMac to my Blackberry Playbook. I cannot install the Blackberry Desktop Software because it requires 10.6 so I cant file share either by USB or WiFi. So as an alternative I have been using One Button FTP to transfer content to my free 10 megs of web space given to me by my ISP, then I access this web space from my Playbook, then transfer it to the Playbook, also this way I won't have to keep my iMac on, the only glitch, in the future might be the 10 megs. For some reason I cannot connect to the Sites folder from the Playbook get a "cannot resolve the host name" error. I can, however, connect to the Web Server folder, with the page stating that if I can see this page then the install of Apache was successful, that's why I am hoping to put more content into the Web Server folder, when I want to transfer larger files. I have no concept of how to change that folder so I can put my content in there. Is there some "simple" way to accomplish this, if not, I shall just use my ISP free web space which I pay for anyways as part of my service contract. Thanks, Ken.

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    Hey BDAqua, that page you gave me about an FTP server is so far out of my sphere of comprehension, the explanation, lines to enter, I'll just continue to use, experiment with, only partially successfully, the Sites folder, which I can access from another computer but not my Playbook. My 10 megs of ISP web space shall have to suffice, I can access that both from another computer + my Playbook + it is always available without having to boot up my iMac. As far as your other link to the FTP software, I use One Button FTP, works perfectly, free, allows me to easily upload content to my ISP web space, I never pay for software. Thanks for your assistance, I always enjoy our exchanges, all the best. Ken.

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    This may not work without changes to your router's firewall. In my case the URL is which only works for other computers on my home network unless I change my router's settings.

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    Thanks Neville for your input. From my computer I was unable to connect to your link. Again, I only go by what my ISP suggests as correct settings for my router's firewall. If that means i forego some functionality, so be it. My system works too well to tamper with it. Ken.