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I have tried posting this several times on googles helps site and getting no help, so thought it might be something on the iphone side? I have recently noticed some syncing problems between my google secondary calendars and my iPhone. Twice I have had to recreate two different calendars because they just stopped showing up on my iPhone. That seemed to solve that problem for the time being? The issue Im having now, is that if I create an event in my google cal in one of the secondary calendars, it automatically shows up as an event invitation on my iphone and wont allow me to edit it from there. I have checked and rechecked the google settings and cant seem to figure this out. Something seems messed up with the two way syncing. If I create the event on my iphone and then go back and try to edit it from my google cal, for example add an alert, it doesnt show up on my phone. My account is set up through exchange. Not sure what happened because these problems all started recently for some reason?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6