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Hello All,


Me and a buddy are having an issue with Motion 5 and a missing filter. We might be missing something here, but we were working on a project (which is time-sensitive) that we incorporated a torus lens as a visual shockwave for a sound vibration effect. After returning to the project, it went missing. We cannot find this filter anywhere anymore, and it turns out the client we were working with likes it. So we want to use it more, but again, it is missing.


We've found out that Noise Industries makes a 3rd party filter with the same name and apparently same effect, but the weird thing is it was originally in Motion by default. Has something changed? Was there a business contract that ended? Why is Torus Lens no longer available in Motion 5? Thank you for your help everyone!!


Can contact me at paul.fernandez@me.com

Motion 4, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), paul.fernandez@me.com