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GarageBand '11 (6.0.5 (428.5)) keeps crashing on me.  So I'm considering reinstalling the software from my iLife '11 Family pack DVD.


As you can see from the following screenshot, all the relevant boxes on the custom installer are greyed out. iPhoto and iLife Support (whatever that is) are set to be upgraded where, as far as I know, they are the latest versions and the only option I seem to have is to upgrade 'Sounds and Jingles'.


https://dl.dropbox.com/u/11373233/MacDiscussions/Garageband%20Screen%20shot%2020 12-12-02%20at%2023.41.58.png


I'm surprised that the last option wasn't done when I first installed iLife '11.


So I'm wondering how I can re-install just GarageBand.  Should I delete it first?  If so, will I also need to delete any support files too?  Or may I leave those alone?  In other words, if I delete the GarageBand. app will the Installer notice this and permit me to select only GarageBand for reinstall?


GarageBand crashes when using th Guitar Chord Tutor.  Down the the bottom right of the screen is a volume control set at zero (silent). If I mouse over it to change the setting, GarageBand quits send a report to Apple.  I have checked my HDD over, repaired permissions and run Disk Warrior. Still crashes.  Next I will 'Safe Boot', the run TinkerTool or MacJanitor to clear all caches.  If none of this works, then I may want to reinstall GarageBand.

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