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Hello guys! First time posting here but I could not find help or the answer anywhere.


I'm currently running a late 2008 Unibody Macbook Pro with 10.8.2. All software is updated and all my data is backed up. My issue is in Notification Center on the Mac (swipe over with the trackpad) I have old birthdays that came from Facebook that will not go away.


I am currently using iCloud to sync contacts and calendars and have facebook sycing turned on for contacts. I also have "show birthdays" checked in iCal. I have removed ALL accounts before and set up again and they still show up. They will disappear when I turn it off then reappear when I turn it back on. I even reomved those friends from facebook so they are not even in my contacts or iCal. Just in Notification center, and every day is show 1 day longer (ie: John Smith's Birthday 38 days ago). I feel like my notification center needs to refresh somehow.


I really don't want to do an erase and install..


Any help would be great! Thanks for your time guys.

Notification Center, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)