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I have Pages doucments on my iPad that I can neither download onto my Mac when my iPad is connected via the cord, nor can I get the documents to show up in iCloud. I have spent a good part of the day reading forums and trying different things but nothing has worked. Any ideas on why this isn't working? The only potential clue is that I was a Mobileme user and apparently some former users are having trouble with iCloud syncing.


Thank you!

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    I presume you already have Settings > iCloud > Documents and Data turned on on your iPad.


    I also believe, but could be wrong here, that you need Pages on your Mac and be running OSX 10.8.2 (MountainLion).

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    Yes, I have the documents and data turned on for the iPad and now I have iCloud turned on for Pages in my iPad too, which I didn't know existed until I found it mentioned in a forum. I upgraded to Mountain Lion today to try to address this but it didn't work. At least not yet. I think it may have to do with MobileMe. I'm taking that account off of everything now and hoping that will help.


    Thanks for your reply!

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    Is nothing showing up in your account at icloud.com? Or just pages documents that are missing? Whether or not you have pages installed on your mac (which you need) you should still see the documents in icloud. (as long as you are saving threre on not to the ipad).

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    If you are using iCloud and have the settings configured correctly - Settings>iCloud>Documents and Data>On and .... Settings>Pages>Use iCloud>On ... the documents should appear in your iCloud.com account. I can access my iCloud.com account on a 6 year old iMac running Tiger.


    Launch Safari on the Mac and go to iCloud.com - sign in - then click on the iWorks icon and then click on the Pages icon in the next window. All of your files should be in there.


    You can transfer your Pages files into iTunes using file sharing and then save them to the desktop from the apps file sharing window of iTunes as well.


    Read this

    iOS: About File Sharing


    I am not running Mountain Lion yet, still running Lion - but I can access my documents in iCloud and transfer my files using iTunes with no issues at all.

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    I do have Pages installed on my MacBook. The problem is that I have edited Pages documents on my iPad that I want to sync with those on  my MacBook and they don't even show up in iCloud or when I try to go through Pages on my Mac Book.

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    You still haven't answered one of main questions. Is it just pages thats not syncing to icloud or other content as well?

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    Thanks! I was able to download the files from iTunes (which it wasn't letting me do at first) so at least I could manually get the documents from my iPad onto my computer. The syncing problem isn't resolved yet. I think it has something to do with my former Apple id in MobileMe which I can't seem to change. this may be a problem that Apple will have to help me solve.


    Thank you all for your input! Much appreciated.

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    Sorry--it was just Pages.


    So I downloaded all of the documents from iTunes and re-uploaded them to iCloud. I guess the test will be when I edit on my iPad to see if it updates automatically but for now they are on both my computer and iPad in their latest form.