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iMovie won't publish when I choose "finalize project".  It runs for several hours and then posts a message something to the effect that agile is already open.  There is nothing else running on the machine.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I suggest that you temporarily turn off Time Machine. You can turn it off in System Preferences.

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    This may have helped.  When I first saw your reply I was in the middle of a 1080P export.  I turned TM off but let the export keep running. The same results happened.  Interestingly enough it got down to when it said "one minute left" before I got the error.  I then rebooted with TM off, tried exporting 720P and it worked.  The problem started originally when I ws trying to finalize the project.  I'll go back now and try the 1080P export and perhaps finalizing the project.  The challenge with finalizing is that it takes 14 hours.  It's a time that I have to plan for.


    More to follow.

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    I just published the 1080P version without problems.  Looks like turing off time machine was the answer. Thanks for the help.

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    Turning off Time Machine allowed iMovie to render, but that brought me to the next problem I've been having for years on more than one Mac.  iDVD won't burn the disk.  See separate post "iDVD won't burn disk".