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I miss my iGoogle home page and don't like or want to use Chrome.  Anyone have any suggestions for a replacement that is iGoogle-like for Safari?

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    What's stopping you from using the same home page in Safari?

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    Google is no longer offering that service.


    iGoogle was a place that users could customize their own news or other content that was refreshed all the time.  I could see my RSS feeds, as well as updated weather, news reports, National Geo's "Photo of the Day", Quotes of the Day, stock prices, etc. . . . updated all-in-one place "at a glance" usefulness.


    I'm surprised that you hadn't heard of it and all of the hubbub about them pulling it as of Nov. 1, 2012.

  • Linc Davis Level 10 (192,453 points)

    Google is no longer offering that service.


    iGoogle is not iGoogle?


    I'm seeing that it will be discontinued in November 2013. You have until then to find a replacement.

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    ApostrapheS --


    Read this thread, OK?



    The last guy who asked this question here found a nice bunch of alternatives by seraching for "Homepage."

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    I'm done with this thread . . . thanks for some help.


    What I learned in this process:


    1.  iGoogle doesn't go away unitl 11/1/13 . . . I had just messed up my home page.


    2.  Not everyone is aware that "doing a Google search" is NOT the same as "iGoogle"


    3.  I'll probably continue to use Google as a search engine.


    4.  more than ever I wish that tech giants wouldn't cause their users problems in their battle ( i.e. - taking Google Maps App off the iPhone - and use I DO know that I can use Google Maps by saving it to my iPhone home page, but the functionality is not nearly the same and Apple's "Maps" App is lame in comparison - no street views).



    thanks again.

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    Why do you miss it? It hasn't gone anywhere.

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    Thanks, Bee!  This helped me look for an iGoogle alternative.

    Delaware is great I was born there You don't happen to be a Yellowjacket Bee, per chance?

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    Google is erasing it soon  I was looking to recreate a iGoogle page after being off of it for more than a year and got discouraged by Google saying it was going to stop it this week