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I have a Universal audio preamp, a neuman mic and a 828 mk3 audio unit. When I plug the mic through the preamp then out in the 828, then I have signal in the preamp and the 828. But nothing in logic, what is the process in logic to get yhe signal on rec ?  thanks

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    One process is reading the manual.  (it's difficult to tell from your post what you've tried and what you haven't)


    http://help.apple.com/logicpro/mac/9.1.6/en/logicpro/usermanual/#chapter=2%26sec tion=0


    Specifically the chapter on "Configuring Your Audio Hardware"


    If the audio hardware is set up correctly it's all a matter of selecting the correct Input on the audio recording track.

    MOTU and Logic often don't agree on their Input numbering  (don't know about the Mk3), the best way to do this is to tap the mic lightly while selecting different inputs until you find the active one.


    Which connections are you using to go from the Universal to the Mk 3?

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    hi  thanks for your answer

    I have an XLR from the mic which is connected to the mic input on the back of the ^reamp, then another XLR jack which is from Line out from the preamp to the 828 line in 5 (I tried every in from 1 to 8)

    So I have signal from the mic in the preamp and in the MOTU as I see the led moving

    The pb seems to be in logic : I am on rec on an audio track, I tried to change input 1 to the others, but no signal at all. Is there a special config in logic or is it a process to fix in the 828 through the MOTU cuemix program ?

    Anyway my audio hardware in logic is properly set up, I think, as when I use the input mic from the 828 directly (without using the preamp) it works fine


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    So, both the Audio Input and Output in Logic's  Preferences/Audio  is set to the MOTU.


    The Mic works when only the MOTU is being used.


    When using the Preamp, you will not need Phantom power engaged on the MOTU, phantom power should be off on the MOTU unit and only engaged on the Universal preamp.


    Other than that I think this is probably a Cuemix setup problem, I use RME hardware so I can't tell you how to setup the line inputs.


    On Logic's Audio Channel Input selection, how many Input numbers do you show?

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    Hi Pancenter  I think it helps a lot. I'm a french producer and from two days I'm in Montreal, out of my studio. I get back on dec 11th then I will try this.

    Good to know for the phantom power to be off on the 828, then I think you're right when you say that probably cuemix is also involved

    I will get back to you next week

    Thanks a lot


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    Hi it works fine now! Finally I unswitched the 48 v on the Mk3 then tried different input in logic

    I found the input 9-10 working in Logic (weird but nice)

    Many thanks for your help!

    Best. D